CAIS – Yesterday and Today

CAIS first opened its doors in 1999 as a specialty retailer within the community association market, and during its eight years as a retailer, CAIS insured over 750 associations.

CAIS had first-hand experience regarding the difficulties associated with obtaining and delivering timely and effective service to its insureds. With the goal of solving these concerns for other retailers, CAIS shifted its focus from retail to wholesale in 2007.

In 2008, CAIS launched its fully automated website,, which heralded a new era at CAIS as a wholesaler and national program administrator. Visionary in its conception, CAIS’s website provided easy-to-use automation for association workers’ compensation and construction products.

In 2011, CAIS migrated to version 2.0 of Like its predecessor site, Version 2.0 exists to let CAIS agencies quickly and easily quote and bind policies for their customers. The new version, however, will allow CAIS to dramatically increase its product offerings across the country, taking its utilization of technology to a new level.

Today, CAIS continues to add products to and focus on the evolving needs of its agency partners. CAIS assists both independent and captive insurance agencies throughout the United States. CAIS has a unique relationship with Allstate’s agency network and continues to assist Allstate agencies place commercial insurance across the nation.

Three guiding principles of CAIS are:

  1. Make customer service paramount
  2. Care about every policy, regardless of size
  3. Utilize technology to the fullest extent possible

CAIS constantly strives to improve its service and use of technology. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please send an email to CAIS’s president, Anthony Nola, at